Brian Rast and PokerNews’ Sarah Grant –

Nothing Serious, Just Hanging Out

PokerNews brings you a chat with Rast.

Brian Rast got “white people shut out of Macau.”

Just chillin. PokerNews is trying something new and they fire up a live streaming Google Hangout with high-stakes mustachioed poker pro Brian Rast. The pair talk about the World Series of Poker, massive cash games of Macau and how Rast lit part of his bankroll on fire learning PLO.

A very thirsty Grant asks a bunch of random questions including who Rast thinks is the best poker player in both cash and tournaments and how much money would it cost for Rast to put on 40 lbs. and keep it on for a year ($100k+!).

It’s a fun video and good way to kill a half an hour but a minor suggestion would be let’s not put a massive natural light source directly behind the camera. That alone makes this better to listen to than to watch.

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