Poker Charity: The Matching Challenge

The Crowley Brothers along with Dan Smith will match donations of up to $1,000,000 to ten charities until the end of the year.

“Aside from whether you believe humans are morally obligated to help others, even if you are concerned about your own self-interests, there are strong reasons to donate. Studies show that donating to charity can increase happiness” poker pro Dan Smith wrote in a recent blog post titled, 2017 Matching Challenge.

He along with DFS superstars Martin & Tom Crawley are matching donations of up to $1,000,000 to ten charities until December 31.

Having worked independently of each other in previous years to match donations, this year they have pooled their resources so that they can be the more effective.

“We all ended up having a good year and want to give back in a way that provided the most impact. To be able to positively impact lives, playing a game we love, is a dream come true for all of us”, said Martin Crowley.

For every dollar people contribute as part of the campaign, the trio will give another dollar.

You can read more about the challenge and charities here.

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Welcome to a New Dawn:

PokerStars Announces the PokerStars Player Championship

PokerStars has revealed the PokerStars Player Championship NL Hold’em event for January 2019.

There is an expected prize pool of at least $16 million, including $1 million added to first place, making it the biggest live tournament in the operator’s history.

Read all about it here.

The teaser video is awesome, but that maybe because I love the song.

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Is PokerStars About to Announce a Tournament Bigger Than $15 million?

Social media teases with videos that a six-year record is set to be broken.

Teaser videos have been released from PokerStars alluding to a tournament where there will be a prize pool that smashes all previous records.

In the promo videos, shown below, it counts down the company’s largest ever tournaments, with the current first place going to the PCA in 2011, when its Main Event boasted a $15.1 million prize pool. It then just ends, with “There’s Going to be a New Number 1.”

More to be revealed during a live stream from PSC Prague later today.

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Poker Stories from High Stakes Poker Pro Nick Petrangelo

CardPlayer brings to us the story of high stakes poker pro, Nick Petrangelo.

Petrangelo who hails from Massachusetts has been on the high-stakes tournament scene since 2015, having now amassed $9.4 million in live tournament cashes.

YouTube tells us that highlights on the program will include: “...why high roller fish are better players than regular fish, being 'less chill’ in a hockey game, why tournaments are better than cash games, not being dollar motivated, a six-figure slow roll, a short stint as a bank teller, wanting the farm in Vermont and table draw confidence.”

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Rob Yong On The Matt Kirk & Leon Tsoukernik Law Suit

Rob Yong managed to get himself swept up in the fall-out between Leon Tsoukernik (owner of Kings Casino) and Australian high stakes poker pro Matt Kirk after a high stakes cash game at the Aria ended with Tsoukernik owing Kirk $3 million USD.

Apparently, the debt comes from a late night high stakes heads-up cash game between the pair — with Tsourkernik (who was drunk) allegedly funding his game with repeated loans from Kirk.

Yong has taken his blog to set the record straight in his involvement in the matter.

You can read Yong’s full account of what he remembers happening here.

As a reminder, earlier in the year, all hell broke loose on the 2+2 forum when images of legal paperwork showing Australian high stakes pro Matthew Kirk is suing Leon Tsoukernik over an unpaid debt to of $2 million appeared.

The papers show high profile Las Vegas attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld acting on behalf of Aussie Matt in a bid to get the debt paid.

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