Chino Rheem

Misses Free Seat In $5M Dollar WPT Championship

He’s made his “choice” to stay in Las Vegas….forgetting the $15k freeroll.

“What freeroll?”

There are a host of big names on the felt and in the field at the Borgata Spring Open 2014 World Poker Tour Championship event. One of the most prominent names that’s missing, other than Phil Ivey, is the winner of last year’s WPT Championship, David “Chino” Rheem.

With a $15,400 price tag and Rheem’s past money problems, perhaps its understandable that Rheem might not make the trip out of Las Vegas to the East Coast to defend his title.

Except that it’s a total freeroll.

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The World Poker Tour Championship event one of the very few events, on any tour, where the previous year’s champion gets a free seat the following year. Rheem had a seat just waiting for him. It looks like this may have been a surprise though to Rheem when it was brought to his attention by poker pro Robert Mizrachi.

Just to make sure we reached out to the World Poker Tour President Adam Pliska and asked if it was in fact true that Rheem had free entry to the $15,400 event.

He replied with a decisive, “Yes that’s correct.”

We also confirmed via WPT officials the seat is/was non-transferable or convertible.

With the WPT Championship well underway and Chino hanging in Las Vegas, it looks like the opportunity to grab a part of the $5 million guaranteed prizepool has passed him by.

What’s he doing instead? Rheem hints that he may be taking a leadership class/lecture from the semi-controversial Daniel Negreanu-touted Choice Center.

Of course “choice” in this context could be any number of things. Whatever it is, we hope it’s worth it.

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Allen Kessler On Ivey’s Edge Sorting –

“Both Parties Are At Fault”

Team Ivey Pro comments on Ivey’s latest lawsuit.

“I’ve got that look…”

Master casher and straight playa, Allen Kessler, thinks that Ivey’s “edge sorting” ways is a gray area and it’s hard to make sense of the whole thing. The Team Ivey pro takes a few minutes to chat it up with Bluff Magazine to, of course, gets a complaint in about the starting time of the World Poker Tour Championship Event, talk about where the staff tips should come from and comment on what’s going on with the Team Ivey head honcho.

Even though Chainsaw has yet to be put in the recording booth for the Ivey League he’s confident that when it comes to the new training site that whatever Ivey puts his name to is going to wind up being good “at some point.”

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Phil Hellmuth Jr.

Is Ready For His Carl’s Jr. Close Up

Hellmuth is all over the place and in your face.

Yes, we thought of all sorts of poker meets burger puns.

Phil Hellmuth is finally going to have a new option for his Twitter account background. Late last week, the 13-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner went to a studio in Los Angeles to film a “national commercial” for, what looks to be, the new Carl’s Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger.

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Wearing his trademark sunglasses, PH logo hat and one of his World Series of Poker bracelets, Hellmuth can be seen sizing up his pulled pork opponent.

If you recall, this isn’t Hellmuth’s first time as a mainstream spokesperson. Hellmuth also had another famous campaign for Milwakee’s Best Light back in 2008 during their WSOP campaign. Phil appeared on “a million” cans for the then WSOP broadcast sponsor.

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Want even more Carl’s Junior commercial history? The chaps over at the UK’s Poker Player examine some other notables who have stumped for Carl’s Jr.

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Borgata Spring Open Champion

Abraham Korotki Fancies Himself A Ladies’ Man

Man he feels like a woman.

“It’s not a weightlifting contest…”

If you hadn’t heard, the gentleman who won the Borgata 2014 Spring Open Main Event, Abraham Korotki also entered and outright won a Ladies’ Event back in 2009 (for 20k!). While he takes a little time to celebrate his recent victory at the Borgata, Bluff Magazine's Thomas Keeling isn’t about ready to let him off the hook for his industry-accepted indiscretion of having the balls to play in a Ladies’ Event.

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In this really fun interview, Korotki does his best to justify that decision by praising the ability of woman on the felt, declaring that it’s not a “weightlifting contest” and noting that he “played for charity.” It didn’t hurt that he snap busted the tournament he intended to play in the first place.

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The best part is listening to Keeling ask the BSO Champion if playing Ladies Events “is still something that you do?” to which he assures the audience that he’s a retired Ladies’ Champion and those days are behind him. Enjoy.

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