Viffer: The Ultimate Degen “All girls are hookers”

All your "Viffer" stories in one place.

David “Viffer” Peat took to the Poker Life Podcast to talk with Joey Ingram about all things “Viffer” including rounding up some of the best Viffer Stories out there.

He talks about his HGG (Hooker Girl Grind) and a time he may have been given a blow job by a man, why he thinks all girls in Vegas are hookers, waking up with a neck tattoo that prompted a stint in rehab, his time on 2 Months, 2 Million and winning and losing millions of dollars playing poker. And that’s not even the half of it.

Check it out in all it’s glory, here.

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Sorel Mizzi’s Remorse

I’m guessing it’s the same reaction when you’re caught multi-accounting..?

Well, Mizzi does create his own moral universe so we shouldn’t be surprised.

The tweet from Mizzi (who has more than $11.2 million in live poker tournament winnings and over $3.6 million in online tournament winnings) comes after admitting on the Poker Life Podcast that he has been banned from PokerStars again. “I can’t play on [PokerStars] for a couple years,” Mizzi stated.

You can read more on Mizzi’s ban and multi accounting scandal here.

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