Doug Polk Rounds Up The Latest Antics at the WSOP

The 2018 WSOP hasn’t been short of buzz this year, with antics as far-reaching as Phil Hellmuth arriving for the Main Event dressed as Thor to players facing racial slurs.

Doug Polk rounds up some of the latest stories.

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Phil Hellmuth Crosses The Line At WSOP, Should Have Been Penalized?

Last week Phil Hellmuth got everyone talking and it wasn’t for his WSOP grand entrance—which if you haven’t seen it, here’s a spoiler:

No, this time everyone was talking due to his antics at the WSOP Main Event feature table, where he clearly broke the WSOP rules and influenced play. Doug Polk puts together the best synopsis of what went down below, which is well worth watching if you want to understand what properly happened.

Hellmuth’s actions even got the likes of Chris Moneymaker and Justin Bonomo tweeting last week.

You can see some of Hellmuth’s tone deaf tweets below.

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Vanessa Selbst Admits To The Real Reason Why She “Retired” From Professional Poker

“I left poker in huge part because I hated this role of being in the spotlight and judged and criticized and it wore me down.”

During a Twitter debate that raged over the weekend, Vanessa Selbst was the centre of controversy once again.

The conversation soon came around to the way she treated Marty Mathis—he called her out for being a hypocrite: “Given my memory/perception of you, I just thought it was hypocritical to call others berating your play out.”

Although she didn’t remember the incident, Selbst did apologise but went on to say that this kind of fallout played a “huge part” in why she decided to say goodbye to the poker circuit.

Selbst announced on New Year’s Eve 2017 that she way saying goodbye to the poker world instead opting for to work for a hedge fund— despite playing in the WSOP this year.

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Phil Galfond Launches YouTube Channel

5% of Galfond’s WSOP Main Event action is also up for grabs.

Entering the world of poker vlogs, Run it Once—the company spearheaded by three time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Galfond—has now entered the fray.

You can check out the first vlog below, chronicling Galfond’s run in the WSOP $50,000 Poker Players Championship along with his love of blankets.

As a special promotion to celebrate their new venture, Galfond is giving away 5% of his WSOP Main Event action.

Watch below to see how you can win the first 1%.

Congrats to Phil on his latest bracelet win.

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