Phil Hellmuth is the Latest Guest on Lad Bible’s My Stories

The Poker Brat discusses his life in poker, including losing $500,000 in one night.

Phil Hellmuth, who recently won his 16th WSOP bracelet, is the latest guest to be interviewed for Lad Bible’s “My Stories” feature.

In this six-minute clip from Twitter, Hellmuth talks about his legendary blow-ups, mixing with the stars, and how he once lost half a million in one night in Monte Carlo.

The self-styled Poker Brat—as demure as ever—says he wants to be “remembered as the greatest poker player of all time.” That may be debatable, but whatever your opinion of him, you could never accuse him of being boring.

The full 15 minute interview is available on Lad Bible’s YouTube channel.

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Galfond Tries his Hand at RIO’s GTO Trainer

The new YouTube vid sees Phil exploring Run It Once Poker's software's Streak function.

Phil Galfond gives us an insight into his training regime in this new YouTube video.

Galfond spends 15 minutes walking us through Run It Once’s GTO training software for Pot Limit Omaha, called Vision.

The video focuses on a feature of the trainer called “Streak”, which tests the Hero in a range of spots with pre-selected parameters.

The PLO phenom plays a few hands of his beloved game, choosing the scenario “Flops, single raised pots on the button”. By his reckoning, it’s an area that he is “pretty weak in” although one suspects that’s a relative term when compared to the rest of us mere mortals.

After all, since beginning his Galfond Challenges almost two years ago, the scores are currently 5 and 0 in Galfond’s favor. We await the battle against Jungleman with bated breath, although as his new employer, things could get awkard…

The Lock-In World Series Round Up

David and Dara offer their thoughts on WSOP 2021

The latest episode of The Lock-In is something of an oxymoron, coming as it does, roughly 8,000km from home for Messers Lappin and O’Kearney.

The boys are top form, discussing a selection of their favorite memories of WSOP 2021 including: That Hand from the Main Event final table; Dara failing to recognize a top pro who was a guest on their podcast barely six months ago; and exploding urinals (yes you read that correctly.)

By the time you read this, David n Doke should be back from Vegas, and are hopefully already working on getting the next episode of The Chip Race out ASAP.

DNegs Looks Back on WSOP 2021

The Canadian pro discusses luck, triggering Hellmuth, and memories of the Rio.

Daniel Negreanu reflects on the WSOP 2021 and the end of an era at the Rio, in this latest YouTube video from pokernews.

DNegs was his usual quotable self, veering seamlessly between humility and braggadocio, all in the space of three minutes.

The Canadian legend holds forth on the subject of luck, admitting that winning his first eight final tables at the world series “wasn’t just my skill”, but he’s quick to balance that with the “inordinate amount of river cards” that didn’t go his way this time round.

Negreanu, who this year won his first major live tournament since 2013, has lost none of his confidence though, concluding, “I’m always going to be a favorite in almost every tournament I play.”

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One Rewards System to Rule Them All at DraftKings

DraftKings unifies its rewards system across all verticals, giving all players access to the same Dynasty Rewards.

DraftKings has announced a major revision to its rewards scheme with the new DraftKings Dynasty Rewards, and it looks to make it easier and more transparent for players across the DraftKings platform to get a good perspective on their rewards.

The new system brings the operator in line with the way a lot of competitors treat rewards, with virtually all aspects of the operation paying into the same rewards pool. It will be one system to rule across the sports, casino, and fantasy verticals, and also includes lottery and DK Marketplace purchases.

That means almost every dollar spent on DraftKings now pays back in the form of DK Crowns, bonus points that players can use for wagering, merchandise, and many other possible rewards. The rates at which wagers and purchases are converted to DK Crowns vary with the activity, but all the details are in our breakdown of the new Dynasty Rewards at pokerfuse.

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