Good-guy Pads and Smart PokerStars Rectify Major SCOOP Leaderboard Issue

Patrick Leonard realises Stars made a mistake putting him at the top of the SCOOP leaderboard.

After realizing PokerStars made a mistake awarding him top spot for SCOOP Player of the Year, partypoker ambassadors “Patrick “Pads” Leonard publicly alerted Stars to the mistake.

After going through through his own scores, Leonard realized he couldn’t have won Player of the Year, instead the accolade should go to Russian player “Zapa”—in which could be the most sportsman-like moment of 2021.

PokerStars was quick to rectify the issue, not only awarding first place to “Zapa” but also paying out Pads $45K—for which he will donate to charity.

This is not the first Player of the Year mix up to hit the poker world. Back in 2019 Daniel Negreanu was wrongly awarded WSOP Player of the Year in a mix up—before the tile switched to its rightful owner Rob Campbell.

Campbell joins The Lock In, to discuss Pad’s decision to alert Stars to the SCOOP Player of the Year mix up.

Lukas Robinson Breaks Twitch Poker Record

Twitch poker streamer Lukas “RobinPoker” Robinson did something incredible last week.

The 23-year-old set a world record for streaming 1000 hours of poker content in just 100 days.

Yes, only 100 days! That’s an average of 10 hours of poker stream per day.

Since January 4 this year, Lukas has been streaming and playing poker for at least seven hours every single day. He didn’t take a single day off and yet he profited nearly $24,000.

He outdoes Arlie Shaban’s record of streaming 1000 hours of poker which he took 125 days to complete.

As per Liverpool Echo, Lukas grew up in Liverpool, England but moved to the Isle of Man three years ago. He recently quit his family’s fish and chip shop to become a full-time poker streamer.

He recently shared his school yearbook photo dreaming of being a top poker player when he was just 11 years old.

12 years later, he not only completes an incredible poker challenge but also represents one of the world’s largest online poker rooms GGPoker as their Twitch Squad member.

Well done mate!

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The Before, During and After of Black Friday: Reminisce with The Orbit: Episode 10

Robbie Strazynski walks an all-star panel through April 15, 2011.

I case you haven’t heard, today is ten years since Black Friday. To commemorate and reflect on the occasion, Cardplayer Lifestyle founder Robbie Strazynski hosts a special edition of his hit round table-style discussion show, with four great guests talking through their experiences of that day.

  • Blair Hinkle, poker pro
  • Eric Hollreiser, Former Head of Corporate Communications of PokerStars at the time.
  • Mike Matusow, Sponsored pro at Full Tilt Poker at the time.
  • Steve Ruddock, Long-time industry writer and analyst.

The panel go through four topics, all around Black Friday:

  • Background prior to Black Friday, and were there any signs what was about to happen?
  • What were those 24 hours like on the day itself?
  • What was the immediately short-term aftermath for you, day-to-day?
  • And how does it continue to affect you and your work today?

It is fascinating to hear the four different perspectives. Definitely worth carving out an hour of your time to give it a listen.

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Relive the Horrors of Black Friday In Four Easy Steps!

We all know what happened ten years ago: Here’s how to transport yourself back to that day to vividly remember the horror that was. Enjoy!

1. Check out that seizure notice that haunted your dreams for years!

2. Reread everyone’s panicked realizations in this disaster of a thread. Rated 4.2 stars! Read it all here!

3. Dive in deeper with with some classic news articles of the day!

4. Re-read how Poker Twitter calmly dealt with this issue in a rational, sensible way

Bonus! Can we claim that our editor and co-founder of Pokerfuse, Nick Jones coined this term?

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