Chino Rheem is Chip Leader

At #PCA Main Event Final Table!

Watch the last six play down to a champion with the PokerStars “cards up” live stream!

Twelve days in the Atlantis Resort & Casino, Bahamas is reaching its crescendo. We’ve had the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship set records and generate amazing stories—not least the incredible run of Platinum Pass-qualifying eventual champ Ramon Colillas. We’ve had the Super High Roller set attendance highs. We’ve brought you (we like to think) some great interviews and unique profiles.

Now it has come down to this: The $10,000 buy-in PCA Main Event. It has already made headlines with setting a five-year high prize pool record, and the final day is guaranteed to have some fascinating action and stories from the felt. We’ve got the always charismatic Chino Rheem as the chip leader. Then there’s 67-year-old Canadian PokerStars qualifier, Scott Wellenbach, as the second stack. Then four more players behind him with some seasoned live grinders looking for career-high scores.

We’re talking serious money! First to bust will take home almost $300,000, then each spot jumps up at least $100,000 after each additional bust. Second place will walk away with just under $1 million; first place prize is over $1.5 million.

Catch all the action, all cards up, on a slight delay through the official PokerStars live stream. The Twitch version is embedded below, but it will also be up on PokerStars.TV and PokerStars Youtube.

Just How Much Did Platinum Pass Holders Win at the #PSPC?

PokerStars gave away 320 free entries to the $25,000 buy-in PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) over the course of the previous year via Platinum Passes that after accomodations and spending money were valued at $30,000.

The Platinum Passes for the event, which was well received throughout the poker community, were distributed around the globe. The recently released infographics from PokerStars help illustrate what countries received these valuable prizes and how successful the players from those countries were in converting their entries into cold hard cash.

In total, Platinum Pass winners cashed for $9.8 million, with players at the PSPC representing over 60 countries!

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2+2 Poster Makes Back-to-Back

Final Tables at the PCA!

Talal “Raidalot” Shakerchi finished 8th at the PSPC and now sits at the Final Table of the PCA $100k.

You might already be familiar with the name Talal Shakerchi. If not, maybe “raidalot” jogs your memory. Either way, you’ll be hearing a lot more of those names over the coming days, because the 54 year-old businessman and highly successful self-titled “amateur” poker player has already accomplished something quite incredible in The Bahamas: He has made back-to-back Final Tables.

Shakerchi’s first deep run came in the now-famous PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship, going all the way to the Final Table before busting out in eighth for a cool $509,000.

While Shakerchi calls himself an amateur—in the sense that he has a day job—his winnings both live and online would be the envy of almost everyone who calls themselves a poker professional. With his PSPC cash, his live winnings now stand at $6.7 million, sitting 4th on the England all time money list and 136th overall.

The PSPC final table wasn’t even his biggest score to date—that goes to his 4th place finish at the $300,000 Super High Roller Bowl just last month for $1.2 million. He’s also had some great results online, including taking down the $10,000 SCOOP High Main Event in 2016 for a tidy $1,468,000.

And now he’s squaring off for potentially an even bigger score: He’s about to take his seat at the Final Table of the $100,000 Super High Roller here at the Atlantis Resort & Casino in The Bahamas. Just five players remain, and while Shakerchi is the short stack he still has over 40 big blinds, more than enough room to make some plays.

Shakerchi is also a prolific poster on the Two Plus Two Poker Forums under the username raidalot, where he has made over 2000 posts in his eleven year history—a veteran on the famous poker forums. And he’s been notably critical of PokerStars in the past, but it seems he’s giving props for the PSPC event.

“I’m not the biggest fan of stars in recent years but, credit where it is due, this event is a positive for the game and is a win-win for both stars and players,” he posted just last night. “I hope they repeat next year.

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WATCH: Final Table of the #PCA2019 $100k Super High Roller

The $100,000 buy-in Super High Roller at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) is down to the Final Table.

Just 5 players remain and they are relatively deepstacked, so we can expect lots of great play to unfold today.

The pay jumps are pretty steep at this stage and the winner will take down a cool $1,775,460!

You can find our coverage of the event on pokerfuse and you can also check out the Live Updates on the PokerStars Blog here.

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