Joey Ingram Returns With The Poker Life Podcast

And all I can keep thinking about is author Matt Haig and his book “Reasons To Stay Alive”

After a YouTube and social media hiatus Joey Ingram returns with the Poker Life Podcast and guest Doug Polk.

The two are always a winning combination on the Poker Life Podcast with Polk notorious for sharing his opinions. Whether you agree with him or not, Polk always has a hot take on the latest happenings in the world of poker.

But this is no ordinary podcast. At least not to begin with. The stand out moments in this podcast have nothing to do with poker. At least not directly.

In the most honest of exchanges between the pair (who are good friends IRL), Ingram opens up about some personal struggles he has been facing over the past few months. In a raw unscripted moment that at times seems to take Polk off guard, Ingram bares himself to his audience as he tries to make sense of his recent feelings of discontent.

Whilst watching the exchange, which seems so personal, I almost felt like a voyeur, I can’t stop thinking about the author of Reasons To Stay Alive, by Matt Haig and what he says about men and the importance of being able to express their emotions.

Polk actively listened and gave some really insightful thoughts as to why Ingram might be feeling such things—in a really compassionate manner—in what can’t have been an easy conversation for either of them.

The podcast should serve as inspiration to many people. It has to me. Whether you can relate to the topics being discussed, or whether you are just seeing two people talk about their fears and insecurities without judgement and now think you can do the same thing too—either way the podcast has done something remarkable.

Do yourself a favor and watch below as I leave another Matt Haig quote for you to ponder.

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Run It Once Poker Offers 70% Rakeback via 35/35 Promotion

For one week, all players at RIO Poker can earn extra rewards!

The promotion is called 35/35 and the end result is 70% rakeback for players on Run It Once Poker.

Starting today at 12:00 CEST, the poker site that is the brainchild of poker pro Phil Galfond, is offering players a chance to earn 35% rakeback via Splash the Pot and an additional 35% through direct rakeback.

Although the amount returned via Splash the Pot will be slightly reduced during the promotion, players will get rewarded more with an additional 35% rakeback deposited player’s accounts within five days of the end of the promotion.

The offer expires 11:59 CEST on Friday, September 20th so get yours while you can!

If you don’t already have an account on Run It Once Poker, sign up through us to get up to €600 FREE with qualifying deposits, and who know, you may even get a chance to play with Phil Galfond himself.

Plus, Phil is also giving away free strategy tips, so you can jump in the games with confidence.

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Instagram King Dan Bilzerian Arrives in India

The “playboy” will be visiting Big Daddy Casino in Goa to play India’s most prestigious live tournament series, IPC.

Social media sensation and multi-millionaire, Dan Bilzerian has arrived in India for his maiden visit and will be making a special appearance at the India Poker Championship (IPC) live tournament series set to take place at luxurious Big Daddy Casino in Goa, India.

The IPC is considered to be India’s most prestigious live tournament brand, returning to Goa after a break of three years. Usually held at Deltin Royale Casino, this year’s IPC edition will move to Big Daddy Casino, Asia’s largest offshore Gaming & Entertainment Destination.

The tournament brand is founded by the same owners that run The Spartan Poker, one of country’s leading online poker sites.

“We are very excited and overwhelmed to have Big Daddy of Poker, Dan Bilzerian at Big Daddy Casino, Goa. Dan’s visit to our casino for the poker event will certainly intensify the excitement among poker players and increase the game,” said Lakhram Goyal, casino director.

The IPC is currently underway and will run through September 15. The series boasts total guarantees of 3 crores ($424,455).

Bilzerian has a huge social media following for his Casanova and gambling lifestyle. He has over 28 million followers on Instagram, with a huge part of his following coming from India.

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New Free Video Strategy Content from Lee Jones and Tommy Angelo

Today is a two-for-one in terms of great new sources of strategy content.

No sooner had we posted Phil Galfond’s foray into Twitch strategy streaming, this lands on our desk:

There’s a tried-and-true process for starting a band. First, you think of a name. Then, you talk about what you’re going to do. And then, if things go really well, you put the band’s name onto something you can wear.
bq. Lee Jones and I have complied with that tradition. We have a name for our new video series — PokerSimple. We have some sense of what we’re doing. And we’ve got hats!
bq. And, our first gig is today. It’s free, on YouTube. As all our videos will be. Every Wednesday.

Just like the name, this PR keeps it short and sample. Free videos. On Youtube. Every Wednesday. Why, you might ask?

Lee and I have been friends for 20 years. Talking about poker is something we always look forward to. Then all of a sudden the river of life plopped us ten minutes apart, in Oakland. Lee was like, “Let’s make videos!” And I was like, “Do you have a camera?”
bq. So now Lee comes over a couple days a week and we “work” in my dining room. I overheard my wife telling someone on the phone about the PokerSimple project. She said, “I don’t know what they’re doing in there, but they sure do laugh a lot.”

There you have it. Its pitched at a very different audience to the Phil Galfond high stakes PLO stuff. Between the two I’m sure most people will find something to learn. Subscribe to them on YouTube to get notified to more.

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Phil Galfond is Giving Away So Much Great Free Strat

As He Promotes Run it Once Poker

Everyone’s a winner.

Whether you’re interested in his online poker room venture or not, one thing is for sure: This guy knows how to play PLO. And promote his new online poker room, he is now streaming his own real money poker play on the site.

And that means you get some absolutely top-tier strategy advice, free of charge, as he pimps it out over on Twitch. Here’s a fantastic 20 minute highlights reel from a long heads-up battle he had at the €5/€10 PLO tables. Its not just great action, Galfond talks through his decision making process in a clear, easy-to-understand way that is a real treat for any four-card fans.

If you don’t already have an account on Run It Once Poker, sign up through us to get up to €600 FREE with qualifying deposits.

Interested in knowing more?

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