Watch: Jaime Staples Turn $15 into $1700 Playing PokerStars Fusion

Jaime Staples plays the brand new game for the first time and scores big.

Last week, PokerStars released a new game called PokerStars Fusion game with a unique twist where Hold’em turns into a game of four-card Omaha* by the turn.

PokerStars Team Pro, Jaime Staples tried out this game for the first time and turned his $15 into a whopping $1700. He achieved that feat live on Twitch during his session which lasted close to 4 hours.

He started with $0.10/$0.25 stakes but got off to a terrible start as he ended up losing a couple of buy-ins. However, luck turned into his favor quickly as he moved to $5/$10 stakes where buy-ins are fixed at $1000.

At one stage, he even chipped up close to $2250 but lost a $1000 pot to end up with $1700 bankroll.

Watch the highlights of Jaime playing Fusion here:

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Knitting Mom Scores $30,000 Poker Package

“Jennifer is a badass!”

Jennifer Carter knitted her way to a $30,000 Platinum Pass from PokerStars, granting her entry into the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) taking place in the Bahamas in January.

“I was knitting. I was taking care of the kids. I was making supper,” explained Carter, as she recalled winning the coveted prize in a tournament she entered with a free ticket.

Carter bested some 21 thousand players to win her way into the prestigious tournament that is expected to have a $20 million prize pool.

Watch the video here:

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Watch & Learn: Phil Ivey Playing Short Deck Hold’em

“Ivey gonna Ivey!”

Short Deck Hold’em, AKA 6+ Hold’em, is one of the hottest poker variants being played today, and courtesy of these highlights from the HKD 500k ($64k USD) buy-in Short Deck Event at the Triton Poker SHR Jeju 2018 series, you can learn from one of poker’s all-time masters, Phil Ivey.

Watch as Ivey schools the table at Six Plus Hold’em. You will also see Tom Dwan and Ben Lamb get their six plus on in this 45 minute collection of highlights!

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PokerStars VR Coming Soon?

Get Ready to join Liv Boeree and other PokerStars pros in the virtual reality world!

A new video that made its way onto YouTube this week hints that the public launch of PokerStars VR may be coming very soon.

PokerStars pro Liv Boeree stars in the vid and invites players to join her in waiting for the game to begin.

Want to know more about PokerStars VR? Read the write up on pokerfuse here, then check out the vid below!

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What’s the Most Rage-Inducing Way

To Lose One Cent?

How painful can it be to lose a penny? Try asking Viktor Taranenko.

Thanks to the excellent PokerNews reporting, we know that Taranenko won his seat to the WSOP Europe Main Event—a tournament that usually costs more than €10,000 to enter—by playing a satellite online for just one cent.

Quite the score, so off he flies to King’s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic and sits among 341 other hopefuls. If he can last until 81 people remain, he’s going to walk home with over €15,000. First place prize is over €1 million.

Then people start getting knocked out. He makes it through Day 1, and the field has already shrunk to 221 players. He makes it through Day 2—there’s now only 165 players. He has a healthy 30 big blind stack going into Day 3. He only has to outlast 84 more players and he’s going home with a five figure score.

Players start dropping, but his stack is dwindling. One by one they fall. Then all of a sudden there’s a palpable tension in the room. The money bubble! There’s only 82 players left in the tournament! If just one more person is knocked out, our hero is taking home a prize.

But there’s a snag. He’s only got 1 big blind left. And he’s in the big blind. He makes his mandatory post and is all in. He keeps his cards face down. Gary Hasson, a big stack, makes a raise under the gun. Everyone else folds. Our hero is all-in, heads up for his life. And he keeps his cards face down.

The flop comes 622—not a great flop for an early raiser. The turn’s a jack—that’s a bit scary. A five on the river is seemingly innocuous. The raiser flips over his hand—AK—just the board’s pair with an ace high. All our opponent needs is to match the board in some way to stay in and assuredly lock in his five figure score.

For the first time, slowly, Viktor Taranenko flips over his hand to see his fate.

Ten four offsuit. Nothing.

“Taranenko … was bitterly disappointed to not have made the money,” PokerNews reports. “He quickly left the tournament area, clearly upset, while the rest of the players celebrated their min-cash and rushed to the buffet to enjoy their 60-minute dinner break.”


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