Watch: Robbie’s Poker Impersonations on the PokerUpdate Weekly Burn & Turn

With a Guest Apperance By Ari Engel

On this Episode of the Weekly Burn & Turn, Robbie and Shimi discuss what types of jobs they would quit playing poker professionally for….you know….if they were ever lucky enough to play poker professionally.

Shimi also coaches up Robbie in an attempt to improve his poker game. During that segment of the show, Robbie does some really cool poker impersonations, so check 'em out.

Then, at around the 18:25 mark, faced with the clue, “This pro has had noticeable elective cosmetic surgery done within the last five years,” Shimi has the equivalent of a Matusow Blowup during Name That Pro when he loses his mind and blurts out the name of….... Well, you have to watch it for yourself.

We are going to give Shimi the benefit of the doubt here and assume he is so enchanted by her beauty that he thought God couldn’t even reach that level of perfection. You owe us one Shim

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Watch: Erik Seidel Tell How Stu Ungar Helped Him Learn Poker

In this clip previewing a recent episode of Pokerography, on the 24/7 poker network Poker Central, poker great Erik Seidel tells how he got his start in poker and how poker legend Stu Ungar played a part in exposing him to the game.

Check it out here, and when you’re done, check out the epic music video about Seidel by SrslySirius & DRybes below.

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Ex-Con Learns Poker by Losing $7000 Worth of Snickers Wins $217,792 at Borgata Poker Open

Joe “Black” Reddick took 1st Place in Event 10 of the Borgata Winter Poker Open last month, the $1,000,000 GTD Borgata Million, for $217,792. And while his accomplishment is amazing, the story of how he learned to play poker is equally as remarkable.

According to an article today in The New York Post, Reddick cut his chops while serving 15 years in prison for dealing crack.

“I lost about $7,000 worth of Snickers bars. That’s how I learned,” Reddick told the Post.

Reddick’s goal is to become the first African American to win the World Series of Poker Main Event. Read more about his inspiring true story here.

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