Does Viffer Really Owe Shaun Deeb Money?

It seems to that time of the month again when we are talking the money owed or not owed to Shaun Deeb.

David “Viffer” Peat took to Twitter to call Deeb out, saying he doesn’t, in fact, owe him money, but that they should go on Joey Ingram’s podcast for him to arbitrate a $50k deal.

However, it doesn’t seem Deeb is that keen on the idea.

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Phil Hellmuth Thinks He’d Have Made A Good US President

In this great interview with CardPlayer Lifestyle, Robbie Strazynski goes one-on-one with Phil Hellmuth ahead of the launch of his new autobiography “The Poker Brat”—which Hellmuth hopes will become a New York Times Bestseller—to really find out the man behind the famous name.

In one of the most in-depth interviews I have seen with Hellmuth, it’s no topics off limits as Strazynski covers things such as Ultimate Bet and Hellmuth’s aspirations, as well as getting into his personal and professional life.

In true Poker Brat style, Hellmuth manages to name drop the likes of The Obamas and Oprah along the way and even winds up the interview by saying how he thinks he would have made a good US President. Well judging by today’s standards, that’s probably not hard.

You can read the full interview here.

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Doug Polk Addresses Those Luke Schwartz Comments

In a recent Poker Life Podcast, Joey Ingram wastes no time in asking Doug Polk to talk about the comments Luke Schwartz made about him on PokerNews last week, where Schwartz spends 5 minutes ranting about Polk.

Taking issue with Schwartz calling Polk’s company, Upswing Poker, a scam, Polk fires back and explains why he will never play him heads up.

Watch below as they get straight into the topic.

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Kevin Martin Makes The Final 5 In Big Brother Canada

He’s been in the Big Brother Canada house since March but after making the Final 5 over the weekend it looks like PokerStars Online Team Pro Kevin Martin may win series 5 which wraps up in little over a week’s time.

Today he started to do some shoutouts to his Twitch crew and started to speculate on how SCOOP is progressing.

Back in January during the PokerStars Championship Bahamas, Kevin Martin opened up about his journey from radio, to live poker also talking about his stint in the Big Brother house back in Series 3.

Take a walk down memory lane to watch Martin’s Big Brother 3 show reel here, as well as finding out how his friend Jaime Staples helped him improve his poker game.

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