Multiple Online Poker Operators Are Funding the Fight Against Coronavirus

At a time when COVID-19 is causing unprecedented turmoil across the globe, online poker rooms have launched campaigns to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Partypoker LIVE along with Rob Yong has set up a donation campaign with the aim to target £100,000 to support their freelance poker dealers who are currently out of work due to the cancellation of many partypoker LIVE events.

Rob Yong, Dusk Till Dawn owner and GVC partner has pledged to match the donations all by himself once the target is reached.

GGPoker has committed to giving away a minimum of $100,000 that will be donated to front-line charities on behalf of players. The operator will fund the donations through its upcoming High Rollers Week series where 0.5% of prize pools will be directly donated to the charities and another 0.5% will be matched by the operator.

Indian online poker room, Spartan Poker will be donating a minimum of 3 LAC (approx $4000) every month to help fight against Coronavirus. The operator will accumulate these funds through rake generated from their Windfall tournaments starting March 19.

“These are trying times and Spartan Poker wants to do its part in helping the fight against this pandemic,” said Amin Rozani, CEO at Spartan Poker.

“Higher player participation in the Windfall tournaments will help us drive up the amount being sent forward to fight the COVID-19 virus. At the same time, everyone must stay safe and take the necessary precautions to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.”

Coronavirus which originated in China has wreaked havoc on daily life, affecting businesses and industries across the world. Live poker industry has taken a hard hit, with the countless number of live poker events getting affected.

The highly contagious virus has infected over 230,000 people globally and has caused nearly 10,000 deaths. Europe is among the worst-hit region, with Italy and Spain reporting among the highest number of Coronavirus cases daily.

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Doug Polk Uploads Final Poker Video

Doug Polk has uploaded his last ever YouTube video to his hugely successful poker channel.

Despite announcing last year that he had fallen out of love with the game he continued to upload poker videos on his channel.

With his heart not in it anymore, Polk has made the decision to step back and focus his efforts elsewhere.

In what I initially thought was a parody video (but wasn’t), Polk in his own words tells us why he has made this decision.

Watch it below.

You can follow Polk on his new YouTube channel here.

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