Your Name Here: Get a Tourney Named After You at WPT Global

Win the WPT Global Daily [Your Name] Deepstack event twice in one month, and have the tournament named after you for a month!

Having a poker tournament named after you is an achievement typically reserved for the best players out there — legends like Doyle Brunson, who left a lasting mark on the poker world. It is one of those ultimate triumphs that come with top-notch bragging rights.

Most of us will never get to see our name carved into the trophy of a prestigious live event, but WPT Global is offering the next best thing — you could have an online tournament named after you if you have the skills (and some luck) to achieve such a feat.

To see your name in the WPT Global tournament lobby, you must win the Daily [Your Name] Deepstack event twice in one month. When you win the second time, the tournament name will change to contain your online alias, and everyone scrolling through the lobby will see it.

You will get to keep the honor for the entire month or until someone else achieves the same feat and replaces you on the throne. The best thing is that the buy-in is just $5.50, so everyone gets a chance to fight for their share of poker fame!

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WPT Global Featuring Short Deck Bomb Pot Games for Maximum Action

Join the action at WPT Global SD bomb pot tables, where big pots are guaranteed at least a few times every hour!

Short Deck Poker has recently seen a rise in popularity, largely thanks to streamed nosebleed games featuring big names like Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan. Recognizing the format’s rising popularity, WPT Global is serving up short deck action around the clock. If this is not enough, you can always turn things up a notch and join the Bomb Pot SD Tables.

As if Short Deck were not action-packed enough on its own, these games feature “bomb pots” about five times an hour (every 12 minutes). At the start of a bomb pot hand, eight antes are taken from every player at the table and placed in the pot before the cards are dealt.

At a full 6-max table, there will thus be 50 blinds in the middle, meaning players will have plenty of reasons to get involved, even with subpar hands. And in a game where equities run close as it is, this is the perfect way to generate some crazy action.

If you are unfamiliar with this format and do not feel comfortable jumping in at the deep end, WPT Global features an excellent range of Short Deck stakes so that you can test the games at the micro stakes first. We can promise they are a lot of fun, but you should expect some insane variance.

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