Christmas Gaffe as PokerStars ON Mix-up with ONCOOP Trophies

Xuan Liu among the players sent trophies by PokerStars ON for the wrong event following ONCOOP festivities earlier this year.

While poker is usually about the prize money, for many players the chance to win a trophy as well is an added incentive. PokerStars is a leader in providing real trophies for online poker series, but the Ontario online poker client recently missed the mark a bit as at least some trophies for ONCOOP earlier this year seem to have gone to the wrong players.

Among the players affected by the mix-up was Xuan Liu. The Chinese-Canadian professional player with more than $2.2 million in live tournament wins bagged a win in the ONCOOP series but took to social media to jokingly point out she was sent the wrong trophy.

Liu’s trophy was labelled “mcconema14” but she wasn’t the only player who woke up with the wrong hardware. A user going by the name of “maple” took to Discord to say he was sent a trophy that rightfully belonged to “emerys”.

To its credit, PokerStars ON support responded to Liu pretty quickly after she alerted them to the SNAFU. They reached out to her within a couple of hours seeking further contact to resolve the situation.

It’s unclear right now how many trophy switches occurred with at least two confirmed cases, and presumably the correct trophies for Liu and “maple” are also in the wrong hands. What is much more clear is the PokerStars ON staff are feverishly working behind the scenes over this holiday period trying to correct the trophy SNAFU of 2023.

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