American Greed: Poker Pro Escapes Double Robbery Attempt

Professional poker player Eric Riley needs to start making better choices. In a story told by the New York Post, after a recent high stakes score in Atlantic City, Riley was carrying $100k in cash on him as he made his way to JFK airport. Little did Riley suspect that in order to get that cash home, he’d have to foil not one, but two robbery attempts.

Riley had met a “friend” in Atlantic City named “Junior” who would give him a ride to Kennedy airport. But when it came time for Riley to fetch his $100k bag from the trunk, Junior hit the gas and sped off – trunk open – trying to make off with the cash. Riley caught the first cab he could, gave them the classic “follow that car” speech and eventually caught up to Junior a red light. Hopping out of the car, he grabbed his stash bag, leaving the rest of his luggage and his computer as Junior made his getaway.

Thankful to have his money, Riley was then approached by two men claiming to be undercover cops. The so-called cops, offered him a ride back to the terminal, which Riley accepted.

But the men turned out to be a pair of jokers — who put a gun to his chest and demanded he give them the cash, police sources said.

Instead of giving up, the dumbfounded gambler refused, clutched the bag to his chest and made a daring leap from the moving car. He rolled down the highway, getting road rash as his clothes were torn to ribbons.”

Riley, still with the $100k, caught a legit cab and found legit cops to tell his tale to. He arrived at the Borgata with 80k in cash and won the extra $20k during his stay. Perhaps next time he’ll play that wire transfer fee.

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