Loni Harwood

“Borrowing” Online Accounts?

WSOP standout gets outed by fellow pro.

William Reynolds calls out fellow pro Loni Harwood for account sharing.

Everyone knows that account sharing/buying/borrowing is breaking the Terms and Conditions of just about every online site on the planet, including PokerStars. Well, this weekend PokerStars’ Big Game breakout personality and Ultimate Poker Team U member, William Reynolds put 2013 World Series of Poker phenom Loni Harwood on blast when he tweeted a photo of what looks to be a deleted tweet in which Harwood allegedly admits to “borrowing” an account while in Montreal.

It started when poker player Zachary Donovan shipped a tweet that read: “lol Loni Harwood’s boyfriend just told me that she plays stars/ftp on someone else’s screen name…wp sir”

From the looks of it, when this hit Reynold’s phone, he snap screencapped it. The tweet by Donovan was later deleted by Donovan himself, as was the reply by Harwood. Before they did though, Reynolds seems to have the conversation on lockdown.

While nothing is likely to happen because of this, the outspoken Reynolds decided to let PokerStars know by forwarding pics to them online.

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