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BET RAISE FOLD: The Story of Online Poker”, the documentary that tells the tale of the online poker explosion and subsequent implosion caused by Black Friday, has finally made it way to Video On Demand (VOD).

To help keep the film’s momentum going in the right direction, Executive Producer, Jay Rosenkrantz, Director Ryan Firpo and stars of the film Danielle Andersen, Alexei Martov and Tony Dunst took to Reddit to answer anything and everything there is about the film, the poker industry, their lives, Jay’s first show “Two Months Two Millions”. the popular animated series “The Micros” and even which poker players would play which X-Men/Avengers.

Here’s a couple excerpts from the Q&A:

Do you think online poker will go through another boom when it is fully reintegrated in the United States?

I think it would be v hard for it to “boom” (like explode out of nowhere like it did in the 2000s) again, but it will surely grow, and I’m optimistic that it will grow to be an even larger industry than before (over the long run, could take a decade or more). like Yoda says, “hard to see, the future is.” totally applies to the future of online poker – there are so many known and unknown variables at play at all times. – Jay Rosenkrantz

What is the most absurd prop bet you’ve heard of? what about involved in?

It was during the WSOP, I think a few months before the big bet Martin described. I got home from a tournament and found some of the boys playing online poker. I sat and watched them and one of them got a call from Aaron Jones, who was out with most of the house on a golf outing.

Aaron said that Ashton Griffin was willing to bet he could run the 15 miles from Naked Fish to home in under three hours; after hours of golf in the sun, a large meal at Naked Fish, and plenty of ice cream. And he was not allowed to use the bathroom prior to making the run, despite badly needing it. Eight or nine of us in the house bet a combined $23,000 against Ashton.

I almost never prop bet but I bet $3,000 against him. He later said that when he was a quarter of the way home he would’ve bought out. But when he was a third of the way home he stopped to throw up for a while, then found himself much improved and jogged back to the house with a 30 minute cushion. I haven’t bet against him since. – Tony Dunst

There’s far too much goodness from the session to put here, so if you have the time you really should check it out on Reddit. It’s behind the scenes of both the film and the poker world and probably way more fun to read than whatever you happen to be working on in your cubicle.

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