Stack’em to the top! Do we need a new rule about chip stacks?

It’s part commentary, part plea from hard-working (yet slightly disgruntled) veteran tournament reporter Lee Davy to all tournament players on the planet: when it comes to stacking yo chips you best come correct.

Correct means stack them chips in groups of 20.

Don’t get cute, don’t spread them around the table and don’t think of them as round Legos to build something phallic. Just stack and hope you get to stack more. In fact, throughout his travels, Davy has made some keen observations on players based on how they stack their chips.

If you stack your chips in sets of 10:

These players are either fish or were too busy sniffing glue when they should have been doing basic arithmetic in school.

If you stack your chips in sets of 20:

These are the regs who understand the need the quickly count their stack and selflessly understand that live reporters also need the count for coverage purposes.

If you stack your chips in sets of 30:

These are the sadists amongst us. They know that counting chips in stacks of 30 causes problems to the more mathematically challenged but they love it in the same way that they love pulling the wings off flies and then burning their bodies through a magnifying glass.

Finally, if you stack your chips in sets of 40:

These are the wizards, the high flyers, and the boys who win all the money. These geezers have so many chips they have to count them in 40s because there is no room on their table. These types of players also love the big, erect towers of 50+, which I’m sure is a phallic symbol of something missing from their trousers.

Of course, if you are someone who just keeps your chips scattered in front of you with zero stacking ability Davy has a single word to describe you: moron.

It’s a fun, fast read and something you can point to the next time you are at the table and some guy or girl who thinks their being cute by stacking in such a way that it’s wasting everyone’s time. Check it out the full rant over at Pokerlistings.

What? You need something more? OK…enjoy:

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