Matt Matros: 75% of players are losers, don’t be one of them

Poker pro offers up strategy on self-assessment.

Three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and blogger for Cardplayer Magazine, Matt Matros wants to help you get your mind right when it comes to your poker game. In his latest write up, Matros asserts that roughly 75% of poker players may be losing players and “the rake” isn’t the only reason why. The reason may be you.

When it comes to getting better at poker and becoming a winning player, self-assessment is key. Matros likes to call it the “Self-Assessment Paradox” and it’s based on the fact that if you don’t properly know where your game stands, you’ll never be able to take the necessary steps, sometimes due to ego, to become a winning player.

According to Matros, those who end up becoming winning players fall into one of three categories:

1. A person with no ego who starts out at small stakes and climbs the ladder only when his skill has improved enough to justify it.

2. A person who gets very lucky early in his career, and develops the skill of self-assessment before his early winnings run out.

3. A persistent die-hard who fights through months or even years of being a losing player until he eventually develops his skills enough to become a winner.

How do you get the value of self-assessment? You should check out the write up over at Cardplayer. It’ll take you 3 minutes to read and maybe just change the way you think about your game.

When you go to CardPlayer though, don’t mind the hilariously bizarre black and white photo of Matros that makes him look like he’s in a 1950’s yearbook.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500
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