Daniel Negreanu Shows Off!

Get a glimpse inside his trophy room.

Ever wonder what poker players do when they win one of the most prestigious prizes in all of poker – a World Series Of Poker bracelet? Do they put it in a safe deposit box, wear the gaudy thing or place it on a mantle? Daniel Negreanu's assistant, Patty, showed everyone what Kid Poker does with his. In what looks to be a kind of trophy room, you can see all 6 of Daniel’s bracelets on display, encased in plastic, right next to his 2004 Cardplayer Player of the Year award for all who enter this hallowed hall to see. What would you do with yours?

F5 Trivia: all 6 bracelets are in front of a framed photo featuring many top poker personalities – can you name what that photo is from? Answer after the jump.

The photo is from the now defunct Venetian show “The Real Deal”Take a closer look.

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