Haseeb “DOGISHEAD” Qureshi Gives Away Fortune, Relives “Girah/ Jungleman” Scandal

Former online poker pro forced to relive past while trying to move on.

In 2011, in a post Black Friday haze, one of the biggest scandals/dramas in online poker was the Rise and Fall of Lock Poker Pro “Girah“. The mastermind of the whirlwind story, which included chip dumping, teamviewing and more lies than Jim Carey in a lawyer movie, was online poker pro and amateur author Haseeb “DogIsHead” Qureshi. This weekend, on his blog, the one time self proclaimed “liar and dishonest person” has opted to try and “start over” by giving away nearly $500k to his family and charity, leaving only $10k for himself to try and get a new start (and promote his new book.)

We’re NOT going to lie – this is pretty involved and has a lot of moving parts so only jump in if you have time. But, since it’s the holidays, you might just have that time. Here is some background for you:

Some pokerfuse coverage: Qureshi admits chip dumping
“Girah” Macedo Admits to Hole Card-Sharing Scam

Haseeb writes about the Ashton Griffin “Run Bet” – maybe the best thing he’s ever brought to the poker community (highly recommended.)

Haseeb summarizes and cops to his role in the 'Girah’ scandal on Two Plus Two

Haseeb quits poker, bans self on 2p2 – plans to travel the world.

Haseeb, having reemerged, writes a book, plans to start over as a poker mindset coach and opts to give away his fortune.

Finally, perhaps the best thing to come out of the entire saga is SrslySirius' masterpiece 'What’s My [Screen] Name?

By no means is this a must read, but if you were in the game in 2011, you might be interested in the latest volume of the DogIsHead episodic drama.

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