Friendly Skies: Poker At 30,000 Feet

Sex and cards may be the future of airline entertainment.

No in-flight wi-fi? Nothing to watch on the miniature television on the back of the chair? There’s nothing worse than being jammed in the middle seat on a cross-country or international flight and being relegated to watching Dexter (season 8) re-runs.

Well, airlines are starting to up their entertainment game and on the menu is both sex and poker. Gizmodo recently took a closer look at some of the future offerings of the airline industries to help you have a more satisfying in-flight experience.

- Casinos.

In a survey of airline gambling history earlier this year, CNN points out that the casino in the air is hardly a new idea. It’s been tried in limited ways for over 30 years. That gambling has been explicitly illegal in United States airspace since 1994 hasn’t stopped imaginative designers from coming up with new concepts for sky casinos.

- Sexy time.

Of course, we can only zone out so much given how uncomfortable those seats are. So why not a little hanky panky? ...Today, Flamingo Air, a Cincinnati based carrier, serves up an hour in the air for you, your partner, a complementary bottle of champagne, and a “very discreet pilot,” all for $425.

- Personalized Entertainment

What the researchers are proposing is that on-demand content on airplanes should work much the way Netflix, Spotify, Xbox One, and Google recommendations work when we’re at our desks or our couches. It’ll be the same entertainment just better tailored to each of us. Less looking around for what you want, more finding it.

Want to see what else Gizmodo thinks will and won’t pass FAA regulations? Check out the entire article here.

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