PocketFives Forgets 2+2, PokerStrategy Exist

Launches its own poker strat forum like it's 2002.

Just kidding. We love the guys over at P5s and wish them all the best in their new venture—a new advice and strategy forum, expanding one of the world’s largest communities of online tournament players with a dedicated area to discuss all forms of poker strategy.

We have been hard at work creating this forum, which we hope will become ground zero for dialogue about poker hands, lines, and strategies.

One interesting feature is the ability to upvote posts, cannily called “raise” in P5’s new parlance:

The new Poker Advice and Strategy Forum allows members to up-vote posts. If you see a response you like, click “Raise” to up-vote it. Replies are color-coded depending on how many Raises they’ve gotten, helping those reading the thread find the most highly rated replies swiftly. The darker the green background on a post, the more Raises it has received. You can Raise as many posts in a thread as you deem worthy.

You’ll see a brand new Poker Advice Leaderboard in the upper left of any Poker Advice and Strategy thread. The Leaderboard displays the names of members whose posts have been Raised the most in the last 30 days.

It will be interesting to see how the community takes to the new forum; check it out for yourself.

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