Pokernews’ Kristy Arnett

Adds To Her Acting Reel In “Poker Stereotypes”

Which one are you?

Part 1?? You mean there’s more coming??

Poker is supposed to be fun! So, Pokernews’ Kristy Arnett has decided to show her comedy chops with “Poker Stereotypes” — a short send up of all the types of (annoying) players one might find at the 2014 PCA. There’s the holla balla, the aggro euro and, introducing your boy Rich Ryan as a member of Comcast Cable’s The Slowskys.

It’s short, you might chuckle and we assume that since this is officially titled “Part 1”, we’ll be posting “Parts 2-9”. You may as well give it a click just to stay on top of your stereotypes.

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