Dan Bilzerian Takes Questions From The Audience

"blitzforce" hops on 2+2 to dish out some truth.

What does Dan Bilzerian do when he’s not taking photos of himself blowing stuff up, collecting millions of dollars or hanging out with what we gather are some pretty classy ladies? He logs on to his own containment thread on Two Plus Two to field questions from his fans (and haters) so they can get the truth from from the GOAT’s mouth.

Highlights from the short holiday session that started on Christmas Day when Dan decided he was sick of the misinformation:

Ok since 99% of the people who post on here know nothing about me other than bull**** they have read, speculated on, or just completley [sic] made up, I’ll answer some questions… Ask away

On his staking deal with Jean-Robert Bellande:

He lost 1.7 mil on the stake deal and I threw in the towel, I like him, but I think he is a little slow mentally lol

On his biggest win and loss in the pit:

Loss was only 410k and win only 120k

On his long-rumored reality show:

I’ve got lots of good offers, still debating if i wanna go down that road.

Finally on why he has never challenged Phil Ivey to a heads up match:

He was broke last I heard, and I prefer to play bad players, I’m not playing for ego.

There’s plenty of other fodder in the thread, but we’ve boiled it down to a few meaningful posts for all of you who love to love Beardo.

You’ll get all you need if you check out: this post, then this one, followed by this and finally this.

But, hey, you like reading and trolling? Check out the entire Dan Bilzerian containment thread at your leisure.

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