Issac Haxton vs. Isildur — Ike Posterizes Blom In Nosebleed Action

Undeterred, Victor Blom takes on all comers.

Two of the biggest online stars in the game went toe to toe last night according to the Full Tilt Poker blog. Team PokerStars Online's Issac Haxton logged on to his Full Tilt Poker account (as “luvtheWNBA”) to get into it with Full Tilt Professional phenom Victor “Isildur1” Blom.

The pair dueled at the insane stakes of $400/$800 at the NLHE uncapped tables, both sitting with 6-figures in front of them. In the end, it would be Ike who made more in about an hour then most of us will in the next 5 years netting a $530k profit. The massive score came partly from two massive hands.

Watch: Ike flops a Q hi diamond flush for a $322k pot.

Watch: Isildur three-barrels ace high into a turned two pair

Though such a loss would seemingly be devastating, Isildur was already up $660k on the day. In fact, as it turns out, after a 12 hour session, Blom would still end up with a profit of $160k, and he currently sits with over $1.34m in profit in 2014.

For all the details on Blom’s high stakes hijinx, check out the full report over at Full Tilt.

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