Nigel “The Guru” Goldman — Ponzi Scheme “Poker Champ”

Allegations that Goldman vanished with millions of investor money.

Nigel “The Guru” Goldman, the author of “Make a Million from Online Poker”, may have found another way to “make” a million—by making off with millions that aren’t his. That’s right, this so-called “high rolling poker champ” and poker author is on the run from authorities after allegedly scamming “investors” for roughly €3million Euro, according to the DailyMail.

This may just be a case of the old “fool me once” adage, as Goldman had already been to prison for fraud…twice. He wrote about it in his book “High Stakes: How I Blew £14 million”, and it looks like he may have done it again. His clients can’t reach him, authorities can’t catch him and the only trace of him seems to be a text message sent a couple weeks ago.

The only trace of Goldman since he vanished in Marbella – reportedly leaving three cats – has been a text message to a former employer three weeks ago which read: 'I did not set out to be a thief.’

Lawyers and authorities are still looking, but no warrant has been issued for his arrest yet.

As for his poker resume, well, that too looks to be suspect as, according to the Hendon Mob, he’d have to be one hell of a cash player to live the high life based on his posted results. Additionally, *Pokerlistings reviewed his book and said that it was for “neophyte players”...not exactly going to make you (or him) millions.

While it’s difficult to confirm that he wrote it himself, “PokerPages has an entry for “Sir Nigel Goldman where he talks about his own poker game:

After a couple of years playing in my local poker club and on line I have just started playing in decent level competitions, and was delighted to reach the final table on my second comp in the Spanish Championship in Gran Canaria recently and was also pleased to knock Victor Chandler out of the Puerto Banus invitational,finishing second overall. I believe my game is in its infancy and improving all the time, hey, if you don’t believe in yourself, what chance have you got!

There’s a glimmer of hope though, his friends say he’s in Morocco, so maybe he’s just playing hard to get and he’ll be back for the cats, with the cash, soon.

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