Two Plus Two Magazine Helps You Keep Your Self-Respect

Check out 10 reasons why you should learn to play poker better.

Whether you are new to the game of poker or a grizzled veteran grinder, sometimes it’s easy to lose focus on the reasons “why” we play the game of poker. Veteran poker author Ray Zee pens another column for the Two Plus Two Magazine on his top ten reasons why he thinks one should put in the hours and get good at the game.

A few choice wise words from Zee:

Being able to use poker as a stepping stone to better things in the future is a great attribute of having the ability to win and last in the poker community for a long period of time.

On living a life full of personal free time:

Almost everyone I have ever met has wished for more free time or the luxury to take time off from work at their own pleasure. Poker players are spoiled by the fact that taking time off at will is so easy and costs no direct loss as it does to a worker or business person.

To be your own boss and never have to kiss anyone’s ass:

This job, which is certainly not a job, allows you to never have to kiss anyone’s you-know-what, or say “yes sir” to someone unless you wanted to. You get to keep your self-respect in life and can hold you head up high.

For all 10 of Ray Zee’s reasons, check out the full article on 2+2.

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