Poker Crime Logs – Guy Defrauds Investors of $100K, Hits Up “Poker Websites” Obv

Where there’s a guy scamming people out of their paychecks, the inevitable poker connection is not far behind.

This time, New Jersey stock broker Evan Kochav allegedly defrauded investors of $100K and took that cash to play on a pair of unnamed “poker websites” as well as going to football games, hitting the casinos and eating out.

Seeing as this guy is from New Jersey, it could be any one of the legalized online poker sites but according to the implicating article from, he also did a lot of traveling with the cash as well.

Kochav raised the funds between June 2013 and February 2014 under the guise of payment for investing advice, but instead he simply used it as his personal ATM account – when not handing $33,375 over to his wifey.

No worries though, authorities have this guy in their sights and it looks like he’s going to have his day in court. Which is good news for those he defrauded and maybe bad news for the grinders that were feeding on him at the tables.

“The Bureau of Securities found that Kochav developed an elaborate fraud that may have appeared perfectly legitimate to the investors he deceived,” acting state Attorney General John Hoffman said.

Guy was slapped with a $2M fine and had his license revoked. So it’s unlikely he’ll be getting dealt in any time soon.

Speaking of New Jersey sites…check out what Borgata's got going on!

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