Bilzerian Bluffing As He Flashes The Cash

People love to see a lot of money on the poker table and no one likes to show it off more than pop-culture poker player Dan Bilzerian. Check out this shot from last week with what looks to be well over a milly on a poker table and the hero has the solid hand of 73o.

People are honest as long as they can afford to be- Benny Binion

Sure, he probably folded.

Or, just perhaps, this is more of a photo shoot than an actual poker game. it looks like there are some Bellagio chips mixed in with Aria chips and maybe that’s totally normal for a high stakes game.

But don’t forget, assuming all these chips are standard issue, there’s an actual dollar behind every one of those and that, at the very least, makes that a ton of money to be in one place and this a very pricey photograph.

Of course, you can also believe that all that cash was really in play as Dan later tweeted that he “lost a million dollars tonight playing poker.” Easy come, easy go.

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