Mike “The Mouth” Matusow Talking About Walking After Surgery Complications

After last week’s semi-cryptic tweet from Phil Hellmuth regarding Mike “The Mouth” Matusow's spinal surgery, the poker world was left wondering what exactly happened to poker’s popular “Mouth”.

Looks like Chad Holloway over at PokerNews has the answer.

After months of “feet pain and muscle weakness” Mikey opted to have back surgery to have work done on an issue that was interfering with blood to the spinal cord.

“Tomorrow morning I’m playing my biggest poker hand ever as I’m going for surgery. Please pray for me,”

Unfortunately for Mike, and as Hellmuth noted, there were complications and Mike’s stay in the hospital was longer than he hoped or anticipated. Here’s the quote PokerNews pulled from Matusow’s Facebook page.

Read: Mike Matusow Relearning How to Walk After Complicated Back Surgery [PokerNews]

“I just woke up as I’m still in hospital from my surgery that I had last Sunday. It was very difficult week but everything points to me walking again and making a full recovery with a lot of physical therapy on horizon on learning how to walk again. I can’t begin to today how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends, fans, and family who truly care. I’m looking forward to tackling another obstacle in my path once again, [one] that will make me even stronger.”

It’s hard to keep a good Mouth down though as Mikey is in rehab. Not that kind. Matusow’s in physical rehab and is working on getting back on the good foot. Again, we mean walking.

More from MM’s Facebook:

“Just got up onto end of bed by myself for first time. Feels so good having nothing pressing on back [and] with air in room running down it,” Matusow said in an update. “After a horrible night of sleep and some severe pain, I have woken to a great breakfast and I’m getting ready for a nice shower and the goal of walking 50 steps today after doing 12 yesterday. I feel so blessed. Will keep everyone updated on progress.”

Looks like Ted Forrest may have to wait a little while before he gets Matusow to agree to that cash-money prop bet fight.

Feel better Mikey!

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