All Apologies – Playground Poker Says Sorry For Their “Regrettable Tweet”

Last night we posted about the fallout from an ongoing feud between Canada’s Playground Poker Club (PPC) and Allen “The Chainsaw” Kessler about tournament fees. One of PPC’s “passionate employees”, in a nutshell, publicly told Kessler that if he didn’t like the rake, don’t play.

Read this: Playground Poker Club to Allen Kessler: Don’t Like Us, Don’t Play Here

Perhaps the straight-shooting employee misread the room because it took mere moments for the tide of popular opinion to turn against the terse tone of customer service.

Well, the Playground Poker Club wants to make everything right and so they offer a formal apology…to the poker community.

Here it is in its entirety:

Earlier today, the official Playground Poker Club Twitter account sent out a regrettable tweet directed at one of the poker community’s best-known characters. Since its inception, Playground’s top priority has been to provide the best customer service in the industry, by offering an unparalleled playing experience. Unfortunately, today’s tweet was complete contrary to that ongoing mission.

Playground Poker would like to assure the poker community that the words that were directed towards Mr. Kessler do not represent our brand, or our values. The opinion of one passionate employee managed to get the better of him, and he was held accountable. Playground Poker Club always has been, and always will be For Players, By Players. That is not just a motto, but how this business is run.

In the past, Allen Kessler has shown some dissatisfaction with Playground Poker Club, which stems from a visit in 2012 for the inaugural WPT Montreal. There was confusion with the US/CDN exchange rate, and he has since also voiced his displeasure with our tournament rake being higher than other North American venues. Thankfully, we live in a society where everyone is free to speak their minds, and we hope that Allen will keep voicing his, as this can only make the product better for all of us.

We’d also like to apologize to the poker community for one person’s lack of judgement that publicly jeopardized our reputation, which we have worked so hard to build. Playground prides itself on its top-level customer service and we invite anyone who hasn’t been to our Club to come and experience it first hand, and see why we are Canada’s Premier Poker Destination.

Many thanks,
Playground Poker Management

There you have it, not only did they apologize to the poker community but they turned it into a solid marketing effort at the same time. Lemons into lemonade.

And maybe we’re just being shit starters here…but where in there exactly is the apology to Alan Kessler?

If you find it…Tweet at us!

This post is appropriate for a FanDuel ad…right?

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