Poker Crime Logs – Man Shoots, Kills His Own Brother For Cheating At Poker

A horrible story out of Flint, Michigan where Michigan Live reports that a 45-year old man, Andre Moore, will serve 7 years behind bars after pleading no contest to involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of his own brother.

The brothers were having a few drinks and playing a little poker in a home game, a little over a year ago, when apparently the now deceased Jeffrey Moore was caught cheating and the brothers got into a fight over it. The end result was the older brother, Jeffrey, was shot in the chest and Andre was charged with murder.

“The incident involved two brothers — one the defendant, the other the victim — who were involved in a dispute over a card game at the defendant’s house,” Leyton said. “There were allegations of cheating and theft and it was very difficult to sort out the facts.”

Self-defense was claimed and the cops had a hard time sorting out the facts so we’re guessing a plea deal down to involuntary manslaughter was agreed upon. Andre Moore will also be serving a multi-year sentence for a felony possession of a firearm which he will serve concurrently.

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