Martin Jacobson: Neutral For Poker

Flushdraw theorizes that in the scheme of things Martin doesn't matter.

Like it or not, the title of “ambassador” for poker has been bestowed upon whoever it is that is lucky and skillful enough to win the World Series of Poker Main Event. Once the checks have been cashed and the play analyzed all that’s seemingly left to do is decide if our champion is indeed “good for poker.”

Over at Flushdraw, the team there take a look at what Martin brings to the table and while, they like him just fine, they think the time of poker needing a healthy public role model is a thing of the past.

It just doesn’t matter anymore. Poker is a known quantity now. It isn’t a secret. Most people understand that poker isn’t just a game played in smoky back rooms or Wild West saloons. We don’t really need to convince them of that anymore. We’re on to the next step, which isn’t the fight for legitimacy, but the fight for legality. It certainly does not hurt that Martin Jacobson is a smart, clean cut, in-shape champion. That is better than having an inarticulate slob holding up the diamond-encrusted bracelet. If he chooses to do anything “ambassador-y,” he will likely do an excellent job. But it just doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s an interesting article that makes a case that the personality of the Main Event winner has zero impact on the game and unless they are so extreme in ways that not many personalities are, so-called ambassadors are no longer able to “move the needle” when it comes to growing the game of poker.

So is Martin good or bad? Maybe nobody cares.

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Bonus: Jacobson appears on CNBC to talk about his victory.

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