Tattle Tales – Some Players Still Give Off Tells

A edge-gaining reminder on how to spot weakness.

Now that everyone has had experience playing both live and online – are there really any reliable live tells anymore? Back in the day (like just a few years ago), people used to categorize players as a “live” or an “online” player and one advantage given to the old pros was the supposed advantage of being able to read another player based on how they acted.

Nowaday, everyone is familiar with tells and those who have gathered enough experience at the felt are usually adept at being natural or even-keeled no matter what they have but if you ask Dara O’Kearney over at PokerPlayer, there’s still some advantage to be gleaned when observing your opponents patterns – especially those that may not necessarily have as much experience as they let on.

My view is that while the importance of live tells was undoubtedly overstated in the past, disregarding them entirely is giving up an additional edge. Experienced live players tend to give little or nothing away, but inexperienced players are often complete tell boxes.

Whether you are the consummate pro or coming up and looking for an edge, take a few moments to check out this article about the tried and true tells that still have a place in poker.

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