Ari Engel’s Poker Tips Get Back To Basics

You know Ari, right? Maybe you remember this summer at the World Series of Poker when he sat down with CardPlayer publisher Barry Shulman and gave him an earful for taking advertising dollars from Lock Poker. That was fun.

Ari, the son of an Orthdox rabbi and winner of over $1.6M in lifetime earnings, was asked to give some beginning poker tips in a recent article for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He obliged and in an era of advanced theory and leveling wars Ari dishes out some tried and true advise rooted in the basics:

Patience is a virtue. I know you didn’t travel to the casino or home game to fold, but sometimes that’s what you need to do. Playing bad hands because you are bored is a recipe for a losing session. By being selective with the hands you play, you will have a better hand than your opponents over the long run. Even though you may get unlucky at times, in general you will end up with the winning hand.

Play within your means. Poker is such an amazing game when you are playing for the right stakes. Ideally you want a game where losing a buy-in hurts a little but is not too painful. If you aren’t winning, don’t move up in stakes to chase those losses. Instead, drop down in stakes to where the games are going to be easier (and therefore you will be more likely to win). The game is a lot more fun when playing in games and at stakes where you are comfortable.

Want to see everything Ari recommends check out the full, but very short, article: 5 Poker Tips From Champ Ari Engel

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