Fear Factor – Value Betting In The Face Of Danger

CardRunners instructor wants you to face your fears.

You’ve got patience, you have determination…but do you have the guts it takes to maximize your profits?

Poker coach and CardRunners instructor Carwin Cole takes to ParadisePost.com to tell a tale of a hand that makes the nuts on the turn and still fails to capitalize on making the most amount of money when the flush card comes.

Carwin urges our hero to make the most money you can when you have the goods, even when the worst card in the desk slams the river. He wants you to always be thinking in ranges and likelihood, not unlikely hypotheticals.

To maximize profits and minimize losses, you must always consider exactly what your opponents might have, not just what they could hypothetically hold in your best-case or worst-case scenarios. Patience and discipline are two hallmarks of excellent poker players. With the ability to remain objective and thorough, even when faced with scary uncertainties, one can master the art of navigating difficult situations and high-pressure decisions.

So, if you find yourself simply “happy with the pot” you may want to take a look at this short post that exposes a leak that may players have.

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