Beyond Tells Looks To Revolutionize The Reading Of Players

New video training site looks to increase your live edge.

Just a note for our readers – this post is about a paid site, we get nothing from it and we haven’t bought in but thought it was interesting enough to expose you to.

Blake Eastman is a former professional poker player with a background in psychology and non-verbal behavior and he’s looking to revolutionize the world of poker tells.

New video training website Beyond Tells is looking to take live players under its wing and expose them to discovering the on-the-felt tells of others while helping them disguise their own. With over 2 years of extensive research, these guys claim to have a system in place that will help you increase the information you can glean from your opponents and develop a hypersensitivity to every action that you see.

But before you get too excited about joining the Poker Tell revolution just remember that great knowledge can sometimes come with a large price tag. In the case of Beyond Tells – that price tag is $795.00. You don’t need to be a poker tell expert to know what sticker shock looks like.

So, if you are loaded and looking to potentially approach the game with a different skill set, check out the demo videos of the charming Eastman explaining how Beyond Tells can help you reach a new live poker plateau.

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