World Poker Tour Alpha8 Shows Players A Good Time

Pre-tournament party exposes high-rollers to local culture.

There’s nothing like getting a taste of the local customs to really experience a new culture. The high rollers that made the trip to Johannesburg, South Africa for the World Poker Tour Alpha8 tournament got just that when organizers threw them a little pre-party to welcome them to the event.

In this short video you can see most of the professional players clapping and having a good time while a couple look like they seriously need to find a bed. From left to right (we think) it’s: Cates, Gruissem, Gross, Esfandiari, host Lynn Gilmartin and a forlorn Mercier.

You can see Ivey wearing the orange shirt in the 2nd row and Seidel towering over the whole group in the back.

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