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In The Biblical Sense

“Let there be blinds!”

Check out Titan Poker's new “Poker Bible” project where they take elements of the Holy Bible and pokerize it. Everything you can think of has a poker twist, including the tales of Noah, Cain and Abel and the Ten Commandments. If you like to get a laugh (or a scoff) at something sacred getting a ton of poker references, then read about the poker gods after the jump.

The Ten Commandments
I The name of the game is Texas Hold’em
II Thou shall play no other games before me
III Do not play every starting hand in vain
IV Remember to play the right cards and keep them holy
V Honor your dealer
VI Thou shalt not cheat
VII Thou shalt not commit collusion
VIII Thou shalt not bet out of turn
IX Thou shalt not bluff too frequently against thine neighbor
X Thou shalt not covet thine opponent’s cards

Poker and the Bible

Poker and the Bible

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