Phil Ivey & Mike Leah — Knuckleheads Cold Shooting Some Hoops

The boyz get to prop betting from long distance.

Phil Ivey is a baller in every sense of the word. Here he holds court with some of the Team Ivey pros when a prop bet breaks out to see who between Ivey or Mike “GoLeafsGoEh” Leah can hit a basket from way downtown first.

First one to do it gets a grand. It looks like Ivey might just have took his pro for a ride as from Leah’s ball handling skills it appears that the Canuck has never shot a basketball in his life.

Bonus stuff! Speaking of shooting hoops for cash, check out this interview PokerStrategy’s Barry Carter did with poker pro Ville Wahlbeck and his insane basketball prop bet.

I needed to pay $1,000 for each shot that I missed, but I made $2,000 for every shot that I made. So if I missed every shot I would be down $100,000, if I made every third shot then I would break even, so the line was 33.3.

“I had never played basketball before the bet.”

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