Jake Cody Not “Going Down There” When His Baby Is Born

PokerStars Pro on dealing with baby wait.

Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has a lot on his mind. His girlfriend, Alex, is two weeks away from giving birth to his first daughter, Arianna, and, in anticipation, Cody has been watching some “quite graphic” videos of what is about to transpire and he’s taken to the PokerStars blog to deal with his feelings.

Meanwhile I’d say I am about 89% excited, and the rest a little bit scared. It’s all starting to seem a lot more real now that we’re getting so close. In the baby classes we’ve been shown a lot of videos which are quite graphic and I think scarred me a little bit. I’m starting to think I’m not really going to go down there too much on the big day, but I’ll try to help Alex as much as I can.

That’s not to say that Cody isn’t learning all he can about baby things before his little one arrives.

I’ve learned about baby massage, which I didn’t even now was a real thing, but apparently is. We spent three hours one yesterday, though, that really didn’t help me too much — it was a breast-feeding class.

But even with a baby on the way, the poker pro has found some time to play in the Florida cash games…just to take his mind off the stress. Baby Cody means big changes for Jake and from the sound of it, he’s dealing with it the best he knows how. Check it out.

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