High Stakes Online Pro Sebastian “Taktloss47” Ruthenberg

Almost $1 Million Deep

Puts an arsenal on the table against Gus Hansen

It’s not everyday you see almost $1 million on the table.

World Series of Poker Bracelet winner and EPT Champion Sebastian 'Taktloss47’ Ruthenberg takes a virtual seat across from Full Tilt Poker Professional Gus Hansen and plops down nearly $1 million of online currency behind.

The pair were playing a little $2k/$4k 2-7 Triple Draw – which is a fixed limit game – meaning the German’s bankroll was never at an immediate risk and obviously cannot be “gotten in” at the push of a single button. Still, it’s an impressive sight to see so many number strung together with a dollar sign at the front, yea?

For what it’s worth, we’re pretty sure (from multiple sources online) that Taktloss47 is the German pro Ruthenberg, but even HighStakesDB- who posted this pic – does not have it as him on their site.

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