Full Tilt Poker Is Flipping Out Over Their New MTTs

Luck gets a bigger edge in new FTP tournaments.

On Wednesday, those lucky enough to have the ability to play on Full Tilt Poker will have a new, quickfire way to make it into the money. Full Tilt will be debuting their new Flipout Tournaments where players will know, pretty much right away, if they are going to make a profit or hit the rail.

According to Donnie Peters over PokerNews these new flipaments work like this. Right off the bat everyone is forced, no matter the cards they are dealt, to go all in. Nine players, blind shove and the winner moves on. So picture 9 tables of 9 players all shipping it on the first hand and then the 9 players that win each of their tables, combine to a single table – all of whom are in the money – and play a standard style tournament to climb the money ladder.

It’s being framed as no more wading through the early parts of a tournament, no more grinding to the cash. It’s a win-and-your-in situation in which volume will be key.

Sarne Lightman, the head of marketing for FTP, talked to (or emailed with) PokerNews and had this to say:

The time saving of a Flipout is obvious, but a bit less obvious is what happens after the flip round. You’ll be in the money of a potentially large tournament and nobody has actually played a hand yet. This means the average skill level when you hit the money will be the same as the average skill level at the start of the tournament, which is very different from a standard tournament.

So, is your head spinning yet? The luck and variance factor is going to be incredibly high up top as you are going to lose that flip way more times then you are going to win. So when you do win, you are going to really need to make the most of it.

The only real downside to Flipouts that I can think of is how often you won’t make it past the flip round. If I was playing these, and I’m sad I can’t, I’d probably drop down a couple of stake levels and just play a bunch of them until I made it through.

To get you hooked though, FTP is holding a 4-day Flipout Festival starting on March 21 where they will add $25k over the course of 100+ tournaments.

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