Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom Goes Heads Up With New Zealand & U.S.

Hacker turned businessman in high-stakes game for his freedom.

Megaupload founder and notorious German businessman Kim Dotcom is playing a high-stakes game of poker with the legal system in New Zealand and the US in regards to copyright infringment.

In case you didn’t know, Kim Dotcom is the, some would say notorious, hacker and businessman who founded the global sharing site Megaupload which allowed people to “share” copy written content from anywhere in the world.

Now, from his home in New Zealand, he’s facing extradition to the U.S. and possible copyright infringement charges that his massively popular site cost those rights holders somewhere in the range of half-a-billion dollars. So, Kim Dotcom is used to playing for high stakes and apparently, he likes it.

At least his associates in this photo, one of which is his own personal Barack Obama look-a-like (as well his NZ Prime Minister John Key stand-in), were smart enough to makes sure if they were going to play with him, they play with him in person. He’s probably really good at online poker.

The internet community is looking to see how this hand against the US & New Zealand Governments are going to play out as well.

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