National Poker Day – Rallying Poker Players or Poor Promo Campaign

Blue Shark Optics' Web 1.0 page promotes poker, pride and apparel.

The dudes over at the Blue Shark Optics eyewear company, shades specifically for poker, are hoping to start a poker revolution! Unhappy that the 60 million poker players in the USA are denied the right of online poker and frankly, according to them, are not “given their day in the sun” they plan to create a holiday to change all of that.

Introducing “Official Poker Day – April 19!”

So what IS Official Poker Day? Is that the same as “National Poker Day?” Good questions. Is it the day where poker players will stand up and be counted?! Is it the day where gov’t officials will finally hear our cries?! Is it a day of marketing where casinos will encourage you to come out and play and receive a $5 food voucher with a $100 buy-in?! It’s ALL of these things…AND MORE!

Yes, Blue Shark is creating Official Poker Day swag that you can dress up in Partnering with the poker friendly staff of…Cafe Press because they “are not in the apparel business” (except for the 9 pieces of BSO apparel they have for sale already). You see, when you buy a shirt they’ll only keep half the profit for themselves! Because when you starts a revolution you gots to get paid, yo!

In true poker fashion they are only taking 50% rake on this “grassroots movement” designed to selflessly promote the game of poker. Half will go to a poker related charity, that Blue Shark will choose. Who knows – maybe Eskimo Clark?! So, who’s interested in an “official” “Official Poker Day” T-shirt?

Now, don’t get hung up on who is potentially making money or who owns the rights to this or whether it’s a National or Official day. Don’t get thrown off by the 1-hour 1.0, throw-it-up-and-see-what-sticks website design. It’s a day that Blue Shark wants you to “accept it, and embrace” (and buy something) so you can say “I was a part of this!”

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500
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