Old Times — Meet The Godfather Of Online Poker

50-card deck let oldies sit, spin and win.

Sure Doyle Brunson may be the “Godfather of Poker” but some might say that this machine, dating back to 1891, is the “Godfather of Online Poker.” You see, according to QuietLunch.com this little bad boy, invented by Sittman and Pitt, is the precursor to the slot machine and the first virtual poker playing machine on the market.

Back then, not unlike now (what reformists we are) these “gambling” machines were illegal so in order to get people to play, establishments would offer incentives rather than cash.

During that time, there were gambling laws in the US that prevented gaming establishments, known as salons, to offer money for poker machine winnings. So, instead of cashing out coins, players won in the form of drinks and food. For example, getting a pair of jacks would mean winning a player a drink of his choice. On the other hand, getting a straight can get a player to eat a full meal. At the time, each spin cost a nickel, and wagering 5 cents for a juicy steak with mashed potatoes wasn’t such a bad deal.

If you want to do more than looks at a cool old photo of the first virtual poker playing machine, check out the full write up over at QuietLunch.

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