Leak Finder – Put A Plug In Your Cash Game Leaks

Make sure you're not pissing your bankroll away.

Leaks in poker often go unrecognized. Both the player with an obvious leak, and the players sitting around the table that should be exposing those leaks often lose incredible opportunities to get their stack ahead.

The argument between poker being a game of luck and a game of skill can easily be swayed in the direction of those that standby their opinion that poker is a game of skill. Just possessing the ability to spot a leak in another player’s game takes skill. Similarly, having the ability to plug up your own leaks is a skill in itself.

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You can get your head around some of those situations in poker where you just cannot seem put your finger on why certain players seem to read your every move, while at the same time expose a few your opponent’s leaks yourself.

Some of the more obvious tips in this piece from Zazzenlife.com takes a little trial and error to test, but you can always gather free information by taking note on how your opponents play against others. For example you don’t even need to be in a hand to spot a classic weak-passive style.

A default weak-passive style that is incredibly easy to read. This type of opponent bets when they have it, and check/folds when they don’t.

Ignoring pot odds is an explicit leak that much of the poker world suffers from. It attracts aggressive plays, easily extracts your money, and labels you as the table donkey.

If we know our opponent is clueless about pot odds, we can bet a lot more relative to the size of the pot when we have a strong holding.

So if you find that you can’t spot the sucker at the table when you sit down at a cash game, then take the time to check out these exploitable cash game leaks so you can fix your and exploit others.

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