JCarver and dmoongirl

#DrinkItUp On Live Stream

Danielle Andersen (and Captain Morgan) guest star on #RunItUp

“We just got drunk with dmoongirl”

An extended live session on Ultimate Poker finds sponsored pro Jason Somerville listening to some jazz tunes, unloading knowledge and chatting with the “wombats” on a mere two minute delay while sitting in a very profitable $2/$4 game.

While he’s entertaining the masses, the latest member of “Team U”, Danielle 'dmoongirl’ Andersen stops by to chat (and drink) it up with Jason. It’s a lengthy video, over 3 hours, but here’s a link that starts right when Danielle stops by. If you opt to start at the beginning you can watch key hands and see how Somerville turns $400 into just about $1800 in an hour at 2/4.

So much fun crashing the #RunItUp set with a bottle of booze. Corruption at its finest!

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