How To Resurrect Your Dead Poker Career Part 1 – So You’re Busto

It's an F5 Easter Egg - Do what Jesus did and bring your game back to life.

Your poker career is dead. Or so you thought. Either through a stroke of unjust river luck or your own hefty lack of life skills, you’ve done something to either go absolutely broke or, worse, get ostracized from the game at large. Well friends, this is poker and if there’s one thing you can be sure of, just like the tale of Jesus on Easter, you to can resurrect your poker game from the dead – here’s a couple ways how.

Problem: You’re busto
Solution: Drop down in stakes.

Even the best players on the planet can find themselves hard up for cash. Case in point: Gavin Griffin. The original triple crown champion (he won an EPT, WPT and a WSOP bracelet for nearly $5 million in career earnings) was sitting on top of the world as a sponsored Team PokerStars pro in 2009. Cut to 2012 and Griffin found himself unsponsored, nearly broke and sitting in the $8/16 Omaha-game wondering where all his poker moxie went.

I’m embarrassed. 2011 shattered many of my dreams and most of my ego. I was in a bad place mentally all year and that made for some bad decisions in my poker career. I managed my bankroll poorly and by the end of the year was playing some uninspired poker. I need to find a way to fix this. So, I’ve decided to drop down in limits, fix my game, and rebuild.

Since the time of that writing and rebuilding, Griffin has gone on to a number of stellar tournament performances racking up over $273k in two years, which by any standards, is a fantastic comeback. So you’re broke now? Swallow your pride, drop down, re-evaluate and next thing you know you’ll be back at it.

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