The Top 3 Top 10 Lists Of The First Part Of This Week

You won't believe what's #1!

Looking for some “Top 10” action? We’ve got you covered (for today). Sure, it may be the scourge of “journalism”, it’s an easy out for an article to simply pull together a few items, listify them and hit the publish button. The fact remains – people love them!

Whether it’s a top 10 for the purposes of ranking or just easy to follow bullet points, a quick consumable article that can spark a conversation makes for decent coffee talk. Here’s a few in the poker world that came out over the past few day and so we thought – if you like lists, these are for you.

The Top 3 Top 10 Lists of The First Part Of This Week!

The Top 10 Assholes In Poker

FlopTurnRiver compiled a pretty good list of some of the games most notorious names when it comes to on (and off) the felt etiquette. Not everyone on the list is a genuine asshole mind you, but they have portrayed one on TV. Ranked from 10 to 1, the list includes a young champion, a french fry eating vixen, a rappin baller, a couple of young guns and two of the most popular names in the game. Make your own list and then compare.

The Top 10 Observations From Covering My First Poker Tournament

Dan had never been on the floor covering a major poker tournament in his 4 years of sports reporting. His first time was the most recent WPT World Championship at the Borgata and he learned a thing or two, especially the difference between sports and poker journalism. From Mike Sexton's hacky jokes (which WE love) to taking a piss next to the people he’s covering, Dan lets the public behind the poker press box curtain.

The Top 10 Most Hated Poker Pros

There’s a distinct between being an asshole and someone worthy of hate, right? Hellmuth may be an asshole sometimes, but not too many people HATE him. The people on this list are the target of some serious hatred for crimes against the greater poker community. Sure, attitude has something to do with it but for the people on this list so does online cheating, chip dumping, major degeneracy, cheating in major tournaments and large scale multi-accounting collusion. Surprise surprise – Ferguson does not make the cut. Go ahead, make your own list and compare.

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