Hellmuth, Doyle, Negreanu and more…

Hit Rock Bottom, Cause Stone Cold Says So

Poker pros re-imagined as WWE Superstars

Like Phil Hellmuth, Hulk Hogan reached a new level of popularity by embracing his role as the “Man in the Black Hat”.

Last night, the yearly pinnacle of professional wrestling took place as Wrestlemania 30 found grown men cheering and chugging to buff dudes in short shorts.

But hey, here in 'Mercia you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has never gotten wrapped up, if but for a brief second, in the soap opera and pre-determined shenanigans of these undeniable athletes.

One person who is an obvious WWE fanboy is that of Bluff Magazine's Tim Fiorvanti. In his column for Bluff he takes some of the biggest, and strongest, names in poker and assigns them their pro wrestling counterpart. Who is Hulk Hogan? Who is…that other guy? Only Tim knows for sure. But be forewarned, Tim goes deep into the pro wrestling lexicon to pull out matches for some of these guys so if you don’t remember Scott Steiner or The Brooklyn Brawler, some of the fun might be lost on you.

But c’mon Tim…The Iron Sheik? Pretty obvious.

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