Jean-Robert Bellande —

Dubsteppin’ Out

JRB takes us to the Monday night Skrillex concert.

When you are a poker player in Las Vegas, there’s really no such thing as “getting to bed early” or “staying in on a Monday night.” Especially if you are the notoriously broke Jean-Robert Bellande. If someone is going to hook you up with tickets to “dance” at the Skrillex concert at Club XS at the Wynn you happily agree and, of course, show the rest of us what it’s like to ave your eardrums bleed on a weeknight.

I’m i really out again? Skrillex has XS on FIRE! #brokesicko

Despite being such a big guy, JRB finds his way into small tight places…like backstage with his pal, Dim Mak Record Label founder and musician Steve Aoki

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