Crowdfunding Filmmaker – Poker Documentarian or Just Looking For A Stake

Long shot tries new way to make it to the Main Event.

For tried and true poker players, playing the Main Event of the World Series of Poker is the mountaintop. It’s the end-all-be-all of poker tournaments and people will sometimes do just about anything to get there.

Case in point is the new Indiegogo campaign of poker playing filmmaker Ian Tuason. Tuason is looking to piece himself out via the crowdfunding site so that he can not just play the Main Event, but make a documentary – for YOU – in the process taking the viewer along for the roller coaster ride of the big event.

Tuason, only has 3 recorded cashes and describes himself as a “super tight and aggressive player” so “the deeper the tournament, the better I play.”

Crazy idea, right? Never going to happen, huh?

Well, with 33 days left in his campaign – he’s almost halfway there.

But he has some very real challenges moving forward.

For one, it looks like if he hits his goal of $10k (plus the fees) he’ll be playing for 0% of himself (assuming he didn’t already donate to his own cause) which isn’t exactly a recipe for trying your best. That doesn’t cover anything having to do with the documentary or travel or hotel.

Also, he notes that if he doesn’t make the mark, there’s no film and he’s just going to play other tournaments with your money. Sure, he’ll keep you informed of how your investment is doing, but just note that you have no control over that.

Also, note that documenting his play “on-the-felt” may be difficult as, and we think this is right (but maybe not), ESPN and Pokernews have the rights to filming on the tournament floor so getting that footage may be tough.

This sentiment too is probably a long shot unless it’s guerrilla tactics…

Feel free to send me questions you want to ask top pros, like Daniel Negreanu or Phil Ivey, and I’ll ask them your questions and document the interview.

But, hey, he’s got a plan and thanks to a slew of anonymous donations, he’s grinding his way to his goal. If this sounds like a good idea to you please be sure to read the entire post! (There’s some more things to note.)

We’re simply pointing this out, as amusement so don’t go thinking we have anything to do with it. F5poker is not endorsing this.

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