World Series of Poker Shoots 10K Out Of Canons, Crowd Goes Wild

Rio kicks off WSOP with a cash grab.

When all was said and done, no one got hurt. That’s a good thing since the Brazilia Room was sent into a tizzy when WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart held off shouting the customary “Shuffle up and deal” for a few extra minutes at the start of the day to ask the crowd of Event 1 participants: “Do you like money?!”


The canons went off, $10K in $1 bills rained down upon the crowd and once everyone realized it was real cash and not Disney Dollars – the cash grab was on.

Just about everyone was moving fast but still being polite. One canon in the back of the room malfunctioned though and security was spotted taking a few armloads of $1 bills out of the back of the room.

Still it was a big surprise and one that got the 2014 WSOP off with a bang.

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